Aging Skin

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Aging Skin

Aging skin affects us all. Searching for our former youth seems to be a common conversation amongst our friends and family.

What causes aging?  Facial aging is due to several factors.  As we age, changes take place throughout our bodies including tissue, muscle, and bone. Typically starting from the 30’s bone density and collagen are lost, and fat is redistributed. This can result in distortions to the balance, symmetry, and proportions throughout the face and body.

The skin becomes thinner, drier and has less elasticity and collagen production which causes skin to wrinkle and sag. 

In addition, fat can redistribute and end up accumulating in unwanted areas and disappearing from areas where it provided fullness and volume.

Changes in bone density can lead to hollow eyes, less defined cheek bones, nose tip shifting downward and a softened jawline. Over time, bone recession leads to thinner bones that diminishes structural support for the overlying tissues allowing wrinkles, and lines to become more prominent.

All of these shifts can lead to sagging, droopy, dull and wrinkled skin.

Based on what you want to accomplish, we can prepare a detailed treatment plan to include Neurotoxin also known as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Morpheus8 Face and Body, INMODE’S- EvolveX Body Contouring, CO2 Laser, Lumecca-IPL, and PDO Threads to list just a few options.

Regardless of skin tone, age, or gender everyone deserves an experienced and talented team to combat their individual concerns and deliver the best treatment plan built just for them. Our beauty leaders will help you battle all your appearance concerns. We would love to meet you. Schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns and build a plan to bring out the best version of you.

Below is a list of treatment options from most aggressive to least aggressive that we use to build custom treatment plans based on the patient’s specific aging concerns and budget. 


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