No More Double Chin

What is Kybella?

Whether you are bothered by a weak chin, a dimpled chin, or a double chin, there are treatments which can be combined to redefine your chin to the prominence you desire.

Many of us bypass the chin when we think about the beauty and definition of the face, focusing instead on lips, cheeks, and eyes, yet the chin is a vital component which creates facial proportions that are considered optimal for beauty. Mathematical balance is important, so imperfections in the chin can throw a spanner in the works.

Being concerned about the cosmetic appearance of your chin is an issue for both men and women, and treatment can be tailored equally to produce a strong and appropriately contoured-look to the area to suit both the female and male face.

At Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics, here in Centennial, CO, we offer many treatment options specifically aimed at improving the area of and around the chin. A combined approach is commonplace in facial aesthetic treatments as it provides a more targeted option aimed at optimizing results and providing the most effective solutions to volume loss, overactive muscles, stubborn fat, and lax tissue.

Here Is All You Need to Know About Kybella

Quick disclaimer: It’s your body, your right. We support any decision you take. As it is with every FDA-approved cosmetic procedure, it’s your right to do this procedure, and to learn about it.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Kybella?
No matter how well you eat, in terms of a good diet and intense exercising, a plump-looking chin area is not an uncommon experience—even after several weight loss activities. It might seem almost impossible to get rid of the double chin look.

While you may have done all the facial yoga on YouTube, the puffy chin just doesn’t go away. That extra puffiness or fat underneath the chin is known as “Submental Fullness.” Submental describes the area underneath the chin. It is also referred to as “double chin”.

However, this condition is not unique to just you; it’s actually a common cosmetic issue for both men and women. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), 67% of people who answered the question, “How bothered are you by excess fat under the chin/neck?”, responded that they are bothered by the fat beneath their chin.

For some individuals, this condition developed over time, especially when there was weight gain over a period. For others, it’s a part of their genetics or unhealthy diet practices. Kybella may be prescribed for you by your physician if you feel disturbed, embarrassed, or excessively self-conscious by this submental fullness, or you’re just looking to firm up your look a little bit.

Chin Fillers

In some people, their chin just simply doesn’t protrude far enough outwards from their face. This is known as a weak or recessive chin, and it means there’s no clear definition between the chin and the neck. This can make the mouth and lips look out of proportion. Using the Restylane range of hyaluronic acid(HA)-based dermal fillers, we can build volume and shape into the chin. The natural enhancement will last between 6 and 9 months, as the body will naturally metabolize the HA over time, so you will require repeat treatments to maintain the desired look.

Scrotal Chin (Dimpling of the Chin)

Dimpling on the chin (also known as chin bumps that you see on the outside of a golf ball, or the less flattering “scrotal chin”) can be troublesome if they are present—even when no muscle contraction or facial expression is being made. The cause of the dimples is overactivity in a muscle called the mentalis. This means that the dimples, which would usually only appear when the chin is moved by the mentalis, are present all the time as deep wrinkles, creases, or visible depressions and craters. To reduce the action of this muscle, we can use botulinum toxin injections, perhaps in combination with dermal fillers to treat the deeper wrinkles and folds.

Specifically, we use the Restylane®, but you may also have heard of Botox®, Jeauveau®, or Dysport®. Come in and schedule a free face-to-face consultation, so that we can diagnose the overactivity in the mentalis and decide if a combination of toxin or dermal filler treatments is appropriate.

Double Chins

Aging often leads to small, stubborn pockets of fat in places that we’d rather not have them, and a double chin is a very common concern for both men and women as they get older. A double chin is a combination of the extra fatty tissue alongside sagging skin, which has its lost elasticity.

The Morpheus8 laser provides a great solution to dissolve the adipose fat cells, allowing them to be flushed out naturally by the body and tighten the area. We can also use a combination of Kybella, which permanently removes the fat cells. Multiple treatment sessions are needed, with the results developing over a few weeks.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your chin, please arrange a consultation appointment with Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics so we can discuss the most suitable treatment options for you.

Procedure Highlights

Pre-Treatment Instruction:

  • Schedule your appointment with plenty of time before a major event. The swelling after this procedure may take up to 2 weeks to resolve.
  • Inform our team if you have any history of difficulty swallowing, known allergies, taking allergy medications, or have ever had an anaphylactic reaction.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing CAN NOT get this treatment.
  • To minimize bruising, avoid the following ~7 days prior to treatment: baby aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, multivitamins, vitamins E and D, fish oils, and alcoholic beverages. These are blood thinners and will cause you to bruise more easily. Note: DO NOT discontinue baby aspirin or any blood thinners prescribed by a physician before checking with that physician.
  • Wash your face and neck area the day of your procedure, and do not apply moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, or any other products to your skin. This will help to minimize your risk of infection.

Procedure Highlights

Post-Treatment Instruction:

  • Do not panic if you see redness, swelling, or bruising that lasts a couple of weeks after your treatment. This is normal and to be expected. The more fat there is, the more swelling there will be. If symptoms persist longer than expected, however, please call our office.
  • Ice the area carefully. Make sure to keep a cloth barrier between your skin and the ice pack to avoid potential frostbite.
  • You can apply a cool compress to the area for the first 24 hours after treatment.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for the first few days after your injections.
  • Sleep with your head elevated for the next several nights (~1-6 nights) to avoid additional swelling.
  • Do NOT massage the area. This will cause further irritation.
  • Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen as instructed. If your pain is not made manageable by these over-the-counter medications, call your injector.

Before and After

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How Does it Work and
Are You a Good Candidate?

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid naturally produced by your body to help absorb fat. Kybella® injections use a synthetic form of this. Once injected, the acid destroys fat cells beneath the chin area so it can’t store fat anymore. Make sure that a trained healthcare professional administers your Kybella® injections since deoxycholic acid can also kill other cells during the process.

Before the procedure, your healthcare provider will mark the injection sites with a marker and may administer a topical numbing agent or ice pack to ease any pain or discomfort. Usually, 20 to 30 (up to 50) injections are used under the chin. The acid then works gradually to kill fat cells, which are metabolized by the body over the following weeks.

The number of treatment sessions necessary varies for each person. Multiple treatments might be needed to reach optimal results. You can receive up to six Kybella® treatments, with at least one month between each session.


Before you start treatment

Usually at least 1-2 weeks prior to your procedure

  • Avoid sun exposure, extreme heat or cold, and tanning beds
  • Avoid aspirin and NSAIDS, as well as fatty acids, which may cause bleeding or bruising if used
  • Avoid alcohol use
  • Your provider will also discuss any medications and supplements you are taking during the initial consultation to clarify if you will need to stop taking any prior to the Mesotherapy procedure

Recovery Expectations

  • Immediately after treatment we ask that you avoid laying flat for 3-4 hours

For 48 Hours After Procedure

  • Do not massage or rub the areas treated 

After first week post-treatment:

  • If patients find their skin itching after the first week of use of “Arnica gel???”, we recommend using Benadryl anti-itch gel in the evening. 
  • Make sure you are using an SPF of 30 or higher during the day under makeup and when going outside.  For very light skinned patients, we recommend using an SPF of at least 50 or higher.
  • Patients may also wish to take Benadryl allergy tablets at night to ease itching; however, if you are taking other medications, make sure to consult with your doctor first prior to taking Benadryl medication orally.

The Kybella technique received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015. According to the FDA, “Kybella™ is a cytolytic drug indicated for the improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat in adults”. The procedure has proven to be a sustainable non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction.


One Kybella treatment costs between $1200 and $1800. Follow us for our monthly specials.

According to the trusted source of people engaged during the clinical trials, 82.4% showed satisfaction in a clinical trial as a notable high improvement with their appearance at the end. The reports received from trusted sources deduced that the treatment is relatively safe and effective.

If you have read up to this point, you are probably searching for in-depth detail about Kybella, and we’ve got you covered. You now have the fast facts, but it’s not enough to make a sound decision; there is still quite a lot to know about Kybella, plus side effects, precautions, who needs it, etc.

Read on to get all the details you need to make an informed choice about your decision to have the procedure.

Here Is All You Need to Know About Kybella

Quick disclaimer: It’s your body, your right. We support any decision you take. As it is with every FDA-approved cosmetic procedure, it’s your right to do this procedure, and to learn about it.

Do you want to know what the best treatment for stubborn chin fat is? Which do you prefer, plus what is the key distinction? Kybella is a non-surgical treatment for double chin. It enables you to address tiny fat pockets under the chin without having an operation. You do not need to go under the knife. With minimum disruption and nearly no discomfort, Kybella lets you resume your day-to-day life in no time.

While liposuction is an invasive surgical technique with increased risks due to the use of an anesthetic, your life is disrupted, although temporarily. The recovery period is usually lengthier but can be shorter with the support of a chin brace. Additionally, there may be a minor scar in the region.

Invigorate recommends that you be open in all of your discussions about available options with a certified physician to select the treatment that is best suited for you and your circumstances.

Some of the significant adverse effects of Kybella include:

  • Injured nerves in the jawline (which can cause an uneven or crooked smile or weakness in facial muscles)
  • Difficulty swallowing, nausea, headache, and high blood pressure.
  • Problems around the injection site include a build-up of blood beneath the skin (hematoma) or bruising/redness and injury to an artery or vein if the Kybella is unintentionally administered into it
  • Hair loss, broken skin (lesions) if injected into the dermis, epidermal cell (necrosis) near the injection site
    • Erythema or skin redness.
    • Immune System Disorders: reactions of hypersensitivity, which includes rash, urticaria, and itching.

Speak with your healthcare provider immediately if you feel weakening in your facial muscles or your smile becomes uneven; have difficulties swallowing; if any of your pre-existing symptoms worsen; or you develop open sores or drainage from the procedure.

In summary, having read it all, it sounds like the perfect solution to your stubborn chin fat troubles. Kybella is still under research for other practical uses for fat bursting in other body areas and other potential side effects.

It is advised that you do not make hasty decisions about undergoing the process until you speak with a certified, registered Kybella practitioner. It looks great on the internet, but you must also find out from an expert what your options are and their effects before undergoing any procedure.