Lipolean B12 Injections

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Why Lipolean B12 Injections?

Lipolean B12 is a liquid mixture of several specific nutrients made from natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as the addition of phentermine, a drug that aids in the suppression of appetite and weight loss.  The summation of these high-quality, lipotropic supplements goes into a syringe, which is injected into a patient’s arm, stomach, buttocks, or thighs. Injecting into the site of the body with more visceral fat allows the product to process more quickly, thus increasing metabolism and energy. This increase in metabolism and energy aids in the suppression of appetite. Ultimately, the product helps the body to ultimately burn fat more quickly.

This injection, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can dramatically boost weight loss. Although this is usually the main reason people choose to receive this treatment, it has additional benefits. B12 is a significant factor in building immunity and aiding in brain function. The boost in energy may help individuals gain momentum for exercising regularly on a regular basis or exercising at a higher intensity level than previously. The injection helps individuals to process and burn fat at a peak performance level.

The suppression of appetite that these injections aid in works not only initially, but may also help individuals become more aware of when they are truly hungry. In turn, this often helps with making healthy behavioral changes, that aid in long-term, positive dietary changes.

Key Benefits

Some of the ingredients in the Lipolean B12 injectables include:

Lipotropic injections are usually offered in a medical spa setting or weight loss clinics and may be administered by providers other than a doctor. Some patients may notice a difference in energy and increased metabolism within several days to a week. Suppression of appetite may be noticeable in that same time frame, but all positive effects, including overall weight loss, may take up to 30 days, depending upon the individual. However, patients who also follow a healthy diet and exercise appear to notice differences more quickly.

Procedure Highlights

  • Many patients feel increased energy almost immediately or within the first few days
  • Metabolism increases to burn fat more quickly, with noticeable results typically being recognized within the first couple of weeks
  • Suppressed appetite to help in learning cues for when you are truly hungry
  • Helps many patients to create new, healthy, long-term dietary and exercise habits due to the motivation received from seeing and feeling the results of increased metabolism and positive changes in weight loss

Patient Concerns

It is important to be aware of potential side effects as well.

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There is nothing to do to prepare for the injections.  Our Medical Director will request information about any medications and supplements you are currently taking aside from discussing a plan for diet and exercise.