Weak or Double Chin

Those Little Touches Matter!

Weak or Double Chin

Whether you are bothered by a weak chin, a dimpled chin or a double chin, there are treatments which can be combined to redefine your chin to the prominence you desire.

Many of us bypass the chin when we think about the beauty and definition of the face, focusing instead on lips, cheeks and eyes, yet the chin is a vital component which creates facial proportions that are considered optimal for beauty. Mathematical balance is important.

At Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics, here in Centennial, CO we offer many treatment options specifically aimed at improving the area of and around the chin. A combined approach is commonplace in facial aesthetic treatments as it provides a more targeted option aimed at optimizing results and providing the most effective solutions to volume loss, overactive muscles, stubborn fat and lax tissue.

Different Types of Chins

Chin Fillers

In some people their chin just simply doesn’t protrude far enough outwards from their face, this is known as a weak or recessive chin. This means there is no clear definition between the chin and the neck. This can make the mouth and lips look out of proportion. Using the Restylane range of hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers, we can build volume and shape into the chin. The natural enhancement will last between 6 and 9 months, as the body will naturally metabolize the HA over time, so you will require repeat treatments to maintain the desired look.

Scrotal Chin (Dimpling of the Chin)

Dimpling on the chin or chin bumps that you see on the outside of a golf ball, or less flatteringly a ‘scrotal chin’, can be troublesome if they are present even when no muscle contraction or facial expression is being made. The cause of the dimples is over activity in a muscle called mentalis. This means that the dimples which would usually only appear when the chin is moved by mentalis are present all the time, as deep wrinkles or creases or visible depressions and craters. To reduce the action of this muscle, we can use botulinum toxin injections, perhaps in combination with dermal fillers to treat the deeper wrinkles and folds. Specifically, we use the Restylane® or Dysport. Come in and schedule a free face-to-face consultation, so that we can diagnose the over activity in the mentalis and decide if a combination of toxin or dermal filler treatments are appropriate. Botulinum toxin treatment lasts about 4 months before the reduction in muscle activity is restored, so repeat treatments are needed to maintain the reduction in wrinkling of the chin.

Double Chins

Ageing often leads to small, stubborn pockets of fat in places that we’d rather not have them, and a double chin is a very common concern for both men and women as they get older. A double chin is a combination of the extra fatty tissue alongside sagging skin which has its lost elasticity. The Morpheus8 laser provides a great solution to dissolve the adipose fat cells, allowing them to be flushed out naturally by the body and tighten the area.  We can also use a combination of Kybella which permanently removes the fat cells.  Multiple treatment sessions are needed, and the results will develop over a few weeks as the body flushes out the lipids and the overlying skin starts to tighten up again.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your chin then please arrange a consultation appointment with Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics we can discuss the most suitable treatment options for you.


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